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Classes are open to all people, regardless of sex, creed or color. If any person, regardless of denominational background, desires to learn the Word of God and the manner in which to present it more effectively, Cathedral Bible College provides a well-balanced program for the training of ministers, missionaries, full-time Christian workers and laymen.

Since passing a proficiency examination in English is a requirement for graduation, each student will be given one at the beginning of his program.

The following is a list of pre-admission requirements which must be completed before an applicant can be accepted as a full-time student.


1. To request application forms and instructions, write a letter addressed to: Director of Admissions,
Cathedral Bible College.

2. Send us your completed application form, a recent full-face photograph (usually available
immediately at One Hour Photo) and the $25.00 application fee (non-refundable).

3. Have transcripts of your high school or former college or General Education Development (GED)
scores sent to us. Remember, all transcripts must be sent directly from the school to us.

4. Your reference forms should be mailed to us directly from your references. It would be a nice
gesture to them if you would give them an envelope which is stamped and pre-addressed.


Part-time students are defined as students who take under 12 semester hours per semester. Part-time students must comply with the General Rules of the College. Part-time students who do not wish to be graded or to receive credits for courses taken are listed as part-time auditing students. In order for a part-time student to use an accumulation of credits earned towards a degree, the student must fulfill the entrance requirements of a full-time student.


CBC is a Bible-believing, Bible-training school. The curriculum is designed for maximum benefit to those who complete the full course of college training and put it to work, not for transfer elsewhere. However, we have had other colleges and universities accept credits from Cathedral.

CBC will accept credits earned from other post-secondary schools when the credits correspond to courses currently offered at CBC.

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