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All charges for the semester are due and payable at the time of registration.

  • Registration Fee ( per semester) : $ 150.00

Graduate Tuition:

    • Tuition (9 Credit Hours and above Fall & Spring Semester) : $1200.00
    • Tuition (per credit hour Summer Semester) : $100.00
    • Tuition (part-time student up to 8 hours per semester hour) : $100.00


    • Tuition (15 Credit hours and above Fall & Spring Semester) : $900.00
    • Tuition (Summer Semester per credit hour) : $60.00
    • Tuition (up to 14 hours, per credit hour) : $60.00

  • Room Deposit (per semester) : $50.00
  • Room Annually : $1300.00
  • Summer Room Fee (per week) : TBA
  • Activity Fee(per semester)for special speaker, dinners,etc.) : TBA
  • Lab Fee, per semester : TBA
  • Applied Music Fee (Music major only, per lesson; one 30-minute session per week) : $20.00
  • Missions Internship Tuition Fee : TBA
  • Late Registration Fee : $5.00
  • Course Change Fee (applies after first week) : $10.00
  • Thesis Publication Fee : $100.00
  • Graduation Fee:
  • Associate & Bachelor of Theology : $75.00
  • Master of Theology : $100.00
  • Doctorate : $150.00

Book Fees

Requirement $150.00 per semester

Board Students may purchase meals on an individual basis.
Meals served at the school average $2.00 for lunch. .


Students upon registration become financially responsible for their charges for the entire quarter. Withdrawal from college does not relieve any student of these obligations.

No diploma or transcript of academic record is granted to students who are financially obligated to the Bible College.

No student who has any obligation to the Bible College may take his/her final examinations unless satisfactory arrangements to meet the obligation have been made.

Payment Plan 1: Full-time and part-time students. A 10% discount is given to all students who pay their entire bill on or before the first day of a semester.

Payment Plan 2: At least one-fourth of the tuition of the courses taken during the first semester must accompany this application. The remaining balance is to be paid in three equal payments. The first of these payments is due 30 days after the submission of the application. The next payment is due by the 60th day of the semester, and the final payment is due the 90th day of the semester.

Payment Plan 3: We realize that some students will not have enough money to pay their tuition by the first week of the semester. A weekly installment plan is available for those who qualify for Plan 3. Please apply to the office of the Academic Dean for more information. Envelopes will be provided and a drop-off location designated for weekly payments.
If you qualify for financial aid, your aid will be credited to your account. If the amount of aid received exceeds your unpaid balance, you will be given credit that can be used for your next semester.


Husband and wife teams may attend Cathedral Bible College at a reduced rate. If the husband attends full time, the wife may also attend full time and only be charged for her registration fee and other costs outside of tuition fees. This means that two can go almost for the price of one. This applies only to situations where either the husband or wife is a full-time student.


1. CBC will use the following refund policy for all veterans and eligible persons under Title 38 of the U.S. Code: "The school has and maintains a policy for the refund of the unused portion of tuition, fees, and other charges in the event the veteran or eligible person fails to enter the course or withdraws or is discontinued therefrom at any time prior to completion. Such policy must provide that the amount charged the veteran or eligible person for tuition, fees, and other charges for a portion of the course does not exceed the approximate pro rata portion of the total charges for tuition, fees, and other charges that the length of the completed portion of the course bears to its total length. A registration fee of $10.00 or less need not be refunded".

2. The institution agrees to furnish each veteran or eligible
person under Title 38 of the U.S. Code who enrolls in the
course at the College with a copy of the above-mentioned
refund policy at the time of his/her enrollment.


1. TUITION: Unless a student has been expelled by the Administration, the College gives no refunds. If a student is expelled, he will be charged with 10% of his tuition for each week he was in school until the 4th week. After completion of the 4th week, no refund will be made. NOTE: A refund will be given to a student who withdraws for medical reasons until completion of the 4th week. A medical doctor's statement must be supplied.

2. ROOM CHARGES: Since room space once reserved cannot be used for a semester, no room rent is refunded regardless of date of withdrawal.

3. FEES: No fees are refunded after a student enrolls.

4. PART-TIME STUDENT: There is no refund policy for part-time students who leave during the semester. Up until the completion of the 4th week, credit can be applied to a part-time student's account. After the 4th week, no credit is given. To receive credit, a written notice must be given to the Academic Dean's office upon withdrawal.


Lab fees for full-time students are listed under Items of Expense for the required course. Lab Fees for non-required courses may be set at the time such a course is offered, depending on the number of part-time and full-time students desiring to take the course.


The Word of Truth Christian Bookstore is operated as a ministry of Cathedral Bible College. The primary function of the bookstore is to extend services to students at the lowest cost commensurate with the requirement to be self-supporting. Students are required to purchase necessary books for courses.

The estimated AVERAGE cost of books per semester depends upon which degree the student is seeking. Book costs per semester range from $100-$350 depending upon the semester.


Transcripts of credits will be furnished by the Registrar on request. The first transcript is furnished at a cost of $10.00. Additional copies are $2.00 each. No transcript will be furnished until all accounts have been cleared. Official transcripts are mailed directly to the school or agency for which they are requested.


WORK-TUITION SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: Definition: Work-study opportunities are available to students who demonstrate financial need. A scholarship application must be filed before eligibility can be determined.
Who is eligible: Any enrolled full-time student who maintains a 2.00 grade point average and demonstrates a financial need.
How to apply: Complete the application form by August 1. When awarded: Awards for the coming year are made in August.

It has been a frequent practice of local Christians to give personal scholarships to worthy individuals. Such gifts can be made through the administration of CBC.

ABILITY SCHOLARSHIPS: These are awarded by the President in rare cases of special talent or ability that can serve the school.

V.A.: Students may use VA benefits at CBC. Please contact your local VA representative or the registrar for the proper forms.

CATHEDRAL BIBLE COLLEGE reserves the right to maintain a flexible educational program which may be altered to carry out the purposes and objectives of the School. The programs, policies, personnel and costs listed herein are subject to change through established due process.


Unmarried full-time students not living with parents or guardians are required to live in college housing, unless excused by the Administration, and are encouraged to take their meals in the College dining hall. Because of limited housing, room reservations and deposits should be made at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester, and should accompany the application for admission.

Students need to furnish their own towels and linens.

"For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line; here a little and there a little." Isaiah 28:10

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