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Cathedral Bible College is approved by the U.S. Dept. of Immigration and Naturalization to accept foreign students.We now have students from Egypt, Korea, South America, Hungary, Philippines, South Africa, Bulgaria, Romania, and others applying from all over the world.

If you are interested in attending Cathedral Bible College, you must do the following:

1) You must request an application, return it fill out with the application fee of $25.00.


2) You must provide a letter of reference from a Pastor, or Priest, or Minister, or a teacher who can vouch for your moral behavior.


3) You must write and provide the following: (and it would be good if notarized)


A) A letter of “intent.” In other words, when you finish at Cathedral some 1-8 years from now, do you intend to return to your own country?


B) You must have a notarized letter from your parents on concerning a home or apartment that you can return to when you come back to your country so we know that you will have a home waiting for you.


C) You must have a letter from someone stating that you will have a job of some type waiting for you when you finish your studies in America. This is to ensure that your time here will not keep you from finding some type of employment when you return.


4) You must have a notarized statement from a bank of “personal funds” of at least $6,000 on hand. If you do not have the $6,000 you may apply a scholarship which can pay up to 50% of the first year. From these funds you must:


A) Be able to pay your first years tuition (two semesters of approximately $450.00 per semester) up front upon arrival after receiving your visa.


B) Be able to pay your first years dormitory fees if you are living in our dormitory of $25-$50 a week depending on 1-2-or 3 to the room and or if you have a work scholarship on campus. If you are not going to live on campus you must have a notarized statement from a sponsor here in the United States (family, friend, etc.) that a place is being provided for you to live. This address must always be on file and updated with the college.


C) You must be able to have of the $6,000 mentioned in #4 at least $1,000 for personal needs and use.


5) You must have a notarized statement from family, a sponsor, or yourself of additional $5,000 in funding or liquid assets available for you in case of emergency needs or of the cost of living being more than you expected. The college does provide some free meals to students as well as inexpensive meals.


6) You must write a letter stating that you understand that you cannot apply for a work permit off campus until after the first year of college. INS does allow 20 hours a week of on campus employment.


7) You must provide a transcript of any college work done prior to coming to Cathedral regardless of what area of study you were in as well as a copy of your High School diploma and you must state that you are English proficient to maintain English speaking classes at the college.


When you have prepared the above package of information (send copies to us, keep originals for your embassy visit) we will then notify you of your acceptance and you can receive from us the I-20 to take to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate with the original documents of the above package and they should issue your visa, which will be good for as many years as you study with us provided that you do the following:


1) Take at least 12 hours of class per semester. Each semester is 15 weeks and there are two semester of class per year.


2) Attend at least one of the weekly chapel services.


3) Tardiness is prohibited. Class attendance is required. Missing more than 3 classes per semester per credit hour will put you on probation for a semester. Continued excessive absences will mean expulsion.


4) All bills must be paid.


5) Moral and legal behavior must be maintained.


6) No un-American activities allowed by our college students.


7) Students must purchase textbooks, take notes, and maintain a 2.0 grade point average (80). If a student fails or makes below a C on classes he is placed on probation for a semester. Failure to improve grades to a C average will result in expulsion.



It means you are no longer a student, your student visa is invalid, INS will be notified, and you should receive an order to leave the country.

The above responsibilities may seem like a lot and the list of requirements for your visa may seem like a lot but we have learned that it is best to cover all the bases and all the potential reasons you could be denied a visa. By doing all that we ask you to do, your visa application will cover almost any questions the INS would have and you should have no problems getting your visa and coming to Cathedral.


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